Is there a timer/pause feature in Audacity?

I would like to have a sound track play for about 30 minutes then pause. When I hit play again, it will start where it last paused and play for another 30 minutes. The 30 minutes should be variable. I may want to choose another play time length.

No there isn’t.

Why not just start play, then press “P” 30 minutes later?

The object is to have the pause option automatic.
I will not be at the keyboard after the 30 minutes have expired.

Then why does it matter how long it is playing for when you’re not there to hear it?

I am not ready to reveal the reason as to why I want this.
I just want to start the playback and have it pause automatically 30 minutes later.

in the absence of further information, I’d suggest using AutoHotKey.

I did not know that AutoHotKey is time programmable and can talk to Audacity.
I will look into it.