Is There a "Telephone ring" Plugin...

In which I can generate telephone ringing tones? Ones like this kind? By the way, which model phone is this?

Not that I know of, but why would you want one? There must be billions of samples on the internet. Copy and paste your brains out.

That’s a more modern US electronic phone (as opposed to the older, pure electrical ones). I have one that sounds like that. Double the tone for a “European” ring.

For a classic ring, search for a 500 or 2500 series desk set.


I edited the topic title to make it easier to find for anyone else that is interested in such a plug-in.

Here’s a plug-in that can create telephone ring type sounds, though not the same kind of 'phone as your example.
(I’d also be interested to hear what you want it for :slight_smile:
phone.ny (977 Bytes)

I’ve just updated the plug-in in my previous post. The new one allows the phone to ring up to 100 times and is faster (more efficient) than the first version.

For musical experiments, as well as to create soundscapes.

I’d be interested to hear what you come up with. If it’s not commercially sensitive, you could upload the results to the Audacity Soundcloud (see this post:

It isn’t for commercial purposes. By the way, I’m trying out the plugin you provided in Audacity, and I hear no sound. Did I perhaps get a broken version?

Which version of Audacity are you using?
Have you managed to install the plug-in OK?
When installed it should appear in the Generate menu. The effect has three text controls. The default settings are:
Pitch of ring (200 to 2000 Hz): 770
Number of rings (1 to 100): 4
Loudness (1 to 10): 8

  1. I run Audacity 2.1.1.
  2. The plugin appears in the Generate menu.
  3. However, when I select it and press enter, no dialog box appears.
  4. So when I press spacebar to play, I hear nothing.

That’s the problem, Audacity 2.1.1 is too old. The plug-in requires Audacity 2.1.2

Here’s a version that should work with Audacity 2.1.1:
phone.ny (962 Bytes)

I wonder how many types of rings this plugin generates. Can I make a single ring version? How about a ring like this one?