Is there a reverse "weew saas" delay plugin?

I’m looking to make Caretaker-esque tracks, and I’m wondering if there’s a reverse delay plug-in for Audacity that gives the same effect, or at least a similar effect, to the intro of Libet Delay (the piano note hanging for far longer than usual). I am using 2.3.3.

(I am new to the forums, my apologies for informalities or wrong location)

Have you tried playing with Audacity’s “Delay” effect?

The intro to Libet Delay has got EchoVerb with ping-pong, (no reversal, just echo/delay, reverb, & ping-pong panning).

These plugins may be of use …

https ://

https ://

Oh! i appreciate the help with Libet’s Delay, but the track i was specifying was Libet Delay, which is easy to confuse, i don’t blame you.
this was the track in question, my apologies.

Maybe a granular plug-in, e.g. , (some permit grains to be reversed)