Is There a Print Friendly Way to Print Tutorials?

Because I don’t have 2 monitors - and because I find swapping tabs somewhat distracting - I would like to print all of a tutorial. It is possible to screen scrape and create Word documents which are easy to print but that is very time consuming and forces me to put too much time into logistics and not enough into the main project.

I’ve been through FAQ. If the answer is there, I did not find it.


Individual pages can be printed from most web browsers. “File menu > Print”

“Open Office” ( or “Libre Office” ( do a pretty good job opening html files, though some of the special formatting may not render correctly.

If you installed the recommended version of Audacity, you will have the full manual installed on your computer (Audacity Help menu)

If you have only two windows open on your desktop, you can quickly and easily switch from one to the other with “Alt+Tab”.