Is there a Nyquist Workbench module download for v2.2.1

I was just reading about the Nyquist Workbench module in the plugins reference page in the wiki – seems like it would be useful – however the links are to a module for Audacity v2.1.3. I’m using v 2.2.1.

When I enable the module and restart Audacity – it reports loading the module failed. This makes sense since I need to usie a module compiled for 2.2.1.

Are the mod-nyq-bench modules for 2.2.1 compiled and in a location I can download?

I didn’t see them listed on the download pages:

If I need to compile it myself – am wondering how stable the master branch is or should I compile 2.2.1 and build the module with that tagged branch.

Because “modules” are still quite experimental and evolving, there’s a restriction that modules have to be built (from source code) on the same day as Audacity is built (to ensure that the versions match). There is currently no ready-built Nyquist Workbench, and it has unfortunately been a bit neglected over the last couple of years. I had a go at building it recently (a few days ago) and there’s a problem - it doesn’t build. It’s probably not a big problem, but it requires someone with the time and expertise to fix it.

Having said all that, the plain old “Nyquist Prompt” effect (in the Audacity Effect menu) has received quite a lot of improvements and can now do most of what Nyquist Workbench can. The main thing that it can’t do (which the workbench can) is that it can’t launch a generator plug-in without there being a selection in an audio track. Of course the big advantage of the Nyquist Prompt is that it is included in the standard Audacity bundle (

The current Audacity development code is in good health. There is due to be another release soon, and it fixes several bugs, so right now it is probably even more stable than the 2.2.1 release version.