Is there a number of tracks limit in a project?

I’m just wondereing, if there is a limit to the number of tracks I can have safely in a project.
Currently I am up to 10 tracks of about 30 minutes each in this one project.

and there are like 1,462 items in the project folder ??? amazing…

UNDO is what kills you. Audacity has to save the whole show multiple times. I think that goes to the hard drive, but memory has to handle everything else.

How much memory do you have? And keep one eye on your hard drive. It’s worth occasionally saving The Whole Project as a different name. How upset would you be if the show froze and crashed right this second?


Yes, but it depends on your hardware.

There is obviously a limit to the size of the project that depends on the amount of free disk space. With a big modern hard drive that is unlikely to be an issue, but with a small SSD it will be an issue.
Note that Audacity projects can get very large.

The other limit is how many tracks can your computer chew on before it chokes. As the size of the project increases you will notice that Audacity becomes slower and less responsive. The number of tracks can vary greatly depending on the system. My main computer is old and not very high spec, but it runs lean and mean and can handle well over 50 stereo tracks before it starts sweating. On the other hand, I’ve come across much newer and more powerful systems that are so choked up with crapware that they can barely manage 10 tracks.

Thank’s, I shouldn’t have any problems then. I have lots of HDD space, and a fast drive at that. I have 16GB of ram as well. And I save on both local, and SkyDrive, and iCloud when I remember it…

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