Is there a modulating tempo change out there?

I love ‘Dual Tape Decks’ but wish there were one that did tempo without pitch. I tried modifying DTD but I really have no idea what I’m doing and nothing worked. Any and all help gratefully appreciated!

Modifying tempo without changing the pitch (or modifying pitch without changing the tempo) is much more complex than just changing the speed.
Also, changing the tempo without changing the speed would drastically change the nature of this effect, and it would sound more like a variable “delay” effect rather than a “flanger” effect.

A long-winded “manual” way to create the effect would be to duplicate the track, then use the “Sliding Stretch” effect on multiple sections of one of the tracks.

Yeah, I just learned about that sliding stretch effect today. I’m going to try that out and see if it will do what I want though it’s going to be a pain to get it to modulate manually. BTW I’m not necessarily interested in the stereo aspect; just a stretch modulation in mono would be nice (for me).

To get an idea of just how complex time stretching (changing tempo without changing pitch) is, here is the code that performs the time stretching in the “Sliding Stretch” effect: (it’s about 10.4 MB of code, “just” to perform high quality time stretching). Reimplementing that in Nyquist would be a huge project, which I doubt anyone will want to tackle.

Ay-yi-yi! Okay, gotcha.

I’ll do it by hand (almost as tedious as writing 10.4 MB of code :smiley: ) and see how that goes. Since my goal is to get drum patterns to sound more “human” I could always do just a few bars and loop 'em. Actually, that might work… Thanks!

Where are your drum patterns coming from?

Manually adding samples and looping. I have no drum machine.

I should add that I’m an experimental musician, and that sound quality is not necessarily my most important priority. Figuring out how to modulate the stretch that’s built in would be great, too.

In that case, perhaps your question could be approached a different way.

You could make the drums in multiple tracks, with one drum sound per track, and create a plug-in that works similar to the “Repeat” effect (Repeat - Audacity Manual), but with a repeat period that varies for each repeat. Two benefits of this approach:

  1. This would be MUCH easier to make than a variable time stretch effect.
  2. The sound quality would be better because each drum beat is an exact copy (only the placement position varies).

Does that sound like a workable solution?

a granular plugin will modulate stretched audio …
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I’ll definitely try these ideas out. Thanks!