Is there a horizontal cursor that can measure volume?

Hello, I have a track like this (see attachment) with distinct peaks. Is there a way to measure the volume (amplitude) of each peak? Is there a way to display a horizontal cursor to measure volume? Could I calculate the average, max, min, etc of all the peaks? The only way I have found to get the maximum volume is to select part of the track and play it, then a bar is shown in the “playback level” display at the top.

There is no horizontal cursor, but there is another way to measure the peak amplitude. Select the part that you want to measure, then open the “Amplify” effect. When the Amplify effects opens, the “Amplification (dB)” amount is the amount of amplification required to bring the peak level up to 0 dB. In other words, it shows how much below 0 dB the peak is. Example: If “Amplification (dB)” says 3.246, then the peak level is -3.246 dB.
Click the Cancel button to close the effect without applying.

That is very helpful, thanks Steve.