Is Nyquist Prompt accessibility on Linux?

On Ubuntu 13.10 I can’t apply code in Nyquist Prompt without going through Debug output. ENTER on the debug output window does apply the code.

But I can’t just type some code and then operate the OK button with the keyboard. I tried ENTER, CTRL + ENTER, and TAB to OK then ENTER or SPACE (in that case the cursor is still in the text area).

Does it work on Debian?


Tested on Debian with svn head and 2.0.6 release.

When the Nyquist Prompt is opened, focus is in the text window (as it should be).
All text is captured by the window, including “Enter” (it must be possible to start a new line).
Pressing the “Tab” key moves focus to the “OK” button, then “Enter” activates the button.

Ctrl-Enter does not work? On windows, it saves me the necessity to first tab around.

Not on Debian. I don’t think it ever has.