Is it possible to use Audacity to decrypt...

I highly suspect the answer is “No” in advance, but it’s worth asking anyway.

Early last year this computer was infected by CryptoWall. For those of you, CryptoWall and similar programs install themselves, encrypt your files with an unbreakable encryption, and then gives you the option to pay a ransom to unlock your files (which may also come with a time limit before it just deletes everything).

Thankfully most everything I have was backed up, plus the ransomware virus didn’t encrypt everything for what ever reason.

Krebson Security and white hat hackers managed to hack a guy responsible for a version of it, and recover a bunch of keys and they had a site for people to see if they could recover their key. Unfortunately, I could never get their site to work and then they took the page down after a few months, for some reason. Further more, I had no shadow copies to save files from, so I did lose some stuff.

One of the things I lost that was a real blow, was a self-edited long sutie of war score from the “South Park” movie. It was a real obama to create. I created and saved it using Audacity, though I suspect that doesn’t make a difference. The file was encrypted. I know the RSA code can’t be cracked, but I’m wondering is it possible to decode the wav file data with Audacity to re-compile/re-piece/whatever the music?

Even if it’s time consuming, it would still be worth it rather than trying to re-create the meticulous work and arranging and even layering if pieces of cues back into the order I ended up with, so some time spent would be worth it.

I have no idea if this is the correct forum. I picked the one that appeared to be what I thought would work.

Here’s my data incase it is needed:
Windows Vista
Audacity 1.2.6

1.2.6 is years obsolete. See the pink panel at the top.

If this was a WAV or AIFF file you could try File > Import > Raw Audio… . I can’t see Audacity has any other chance. If the encryption prevents the file being opened then Import Raw Audio won’t help.


When I import the raw data for the suite, both right and left of the stereo are solid blue blocks.

solid blue blocks.

Encryption noise.


Is it a WAV or AIFF file? If not you cannot use Import Raw Audio.

Even if it is a WAV or AIFF you have to set the Import Raw properties exactly as per the file. You can use “MediaInfo” from MediaInfo - Download MediaInfo for Microsoft Windows to see if it can read the properties. Get the version without installer, because the installer may have malware or adware.

And yes, “encryption noise” could still defeat you.