Is it possible to sync one audio file to another?

I have two 8mm film audio files that comes from the same source. First audio is played on a projector and is in sync with the video but bad quality due to damaged sprocket holes. The second audio is captured from a sprocket less 8mm sound editor, audio is good quality but out of sync with the video. I’ve changed the speed of the second audio so it matched the duration of the first audio but it’s still out of sync. I’ve attached a pic of the waveform of the two audios.
8mm audio sync.jpg

The second tracks looks badly overloaded. How does it sound in that section 16:00 to 17:40?

It sounds fine but I’m not worried about overloading.

In what way is it “still out of sync”? Is it all “late” by the same amount throughout, or does the out of “sync-ness” vary?

Avoid using compressed audio formats such as MP3. MP3 encoding always adds a bit of silence at the start of the track, which will make syncing very difficult.

The files are WAV format. 1st track is 18fps, 2nd track is 18fps +/- X%. I’m trying to align the second track perfectly onto the 1st track. I found a workaround. Divide into segments and change the speed/duration of each segment to the 1st audio track, so they end up aligned to each other.

Found that magic bullet software, it’s called ReVoice Pro or Vocalign Pro. It’s expensive at $600 but at least it’s an option.