Is it possible to remove trumpet from organ piece of music?

Hi everyone

My version of Audacity is 2.2.0 and I’m using Windows 10.

I’m completely new to Audacity. I have been researching it as I’m trying to create backing organ music for my wedding processional, to remove the trumpet part, as my cousin is a very talented trumpeter. I do not, however, have a talented organist to hand. I’m a musician myself, so I understand the music side of it, just not the technical editing side!

I’ve read a lot about the removing voice functions and splitting stereo to mono. I have tried these things unsuccessfully, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m doing it wrong, or if it just can’t be done?

I’ve attached a voice clip and I’d be grateful if somebody could please let me know if it’s even possible, and if so, what are the steps I should be following?

Many thanks in advance


Audacity has Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation, but the short answer is no. Audacity can’t reliably split a performance into individual voices, instruments and sounds. We can’t turn a mix back into a multi-track recording. There are some techniques for using volume changes and cancellation, but chance of being left with a musical result is zero.

The way this song was mixed doesn’t lend itself to those tricks.

There are much higher end sound editors that claim to be able to do that. That’s how you get old mono recordings offered as stereo versions. But they’re not free.

You should spend your effort finding an organist or a better backing track.


Many thanks for your quick response Koz! I’ll try to find a better backing track or an organist who can record the backing track for me.

Here’s what I was able to do. I used ISSE to do it.

That’s this one?

I see it as fractional version number, alpha release, so beware of odd behavior, crashes and unresolved bugs. Also, it downloads as a Windows Executable (.exe) file, so back up your machine and make sure your virus software is up to date.


That’s it! Yep. Yeah… The project hasn’t seen any updates since early 2014. The source code can be found online, so I’m sure it’s not malicious in any way. The only version which is really usable is the Windows version since the Linux version’s export option is broken and it messes up constantly, whereas the macOS version is buggy and only runs on Snow Leopard, Lion, and Yosemite. The program itself is very intense on resources!

I’m sure it’s not malicious in any way.

This is me writing that down.


Hi, i think i need your help, i have a solo trumpet recording with an orchestral arrangement and i want to remove the trumpet. I tried ISSE as you said but i’m not able to get what i want. If you’re still active and read this, please contact me. Thanks in advance.

An alternative source separation application that is still actively developed is “Spleeter”

(Please note that we are not able to provide user support for 3rd party apps)