Is it possible to record audio from computer & microphone?

I really need answers for this question, since I’m doing a school project, and I need to record my voice (microphone) and record the audio from the computer (example: Record Skype Calls).
I hope you guys can help me with this.
Thanks! :smiley:

We got this nailed in Windows, but Macs are a little harder.

I think WireTap will allow you to route multiple sound channels and run Skype at the same time.

Read through that and see if it does enough things for you.

I tried to do it in hardware and ended up with this (attached).

Macs tend to be wedded to only two sound channels and Skype uses both of them up. You can always record your own voice, but mixing music and recording the Skype Far Side is really rough.


The left Mac records the composite show and plays music bumpers and themes into the show. The right-hand Mac is the pure Skype machine. This gives you the ability to ad-lib mix anything to anything else and the ability to set up and record multiple Skype calls which you can’t do if everything is on one machine. Even with all that it had problems and I don’t necessarily recommend it.

I have a test recording around here somewhere…


You can get recursive sound pathways on a Mac with SoundFlower. You can experiment with that.


Thank you!