Is it possible to post a general audacity question across multiple forums?

I ask this question because I often have queries that are beyond the boundaries of any particular OS, it is more often to do with usage aspects of audacity.

In that case, my question to multiple forums (like audacity forum for windows OS, GNU/Linux OS, etc.) should invite a greater viewership and empowered forum-users willing to help.

Please advise.

Just choose the forum that is most appropriate. I wouldn’t post in more that one forum as your post is likely to get flagged as a duplicate.

Most Audacity users use Windows. To gain the widest audience, I would post in that forum - possibly adding a disclaimer that you experienced the issue on Ubuntu, if you think that is relevant.

Many forum readers, including myself, review all of the forums.

Thank you, Mr. jademan, for replying.
What you said on the first paragraph, this situation, “I wouldn’t post in more that one forum as your post is likely to get flagged as a duplicate.”, wasn’t what I thought when I posted this question.
I wanted to include all Categories, Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux, etc., to be able to look at my query.
So the lack of this inability to have multiple Categories included for my query, then makes my issue fit for consideration to draw the attention of the Forum Administrator/Moderators, to have the facility of multiple categories enabled for OS-independent issues. Or have another category, General, i.e., an OS-independent category.
I leave the choice to the wisdom of the Forum Administrator and Moderators.
I hope that my query shall have the attention of the Forum Administrator and Moderators.
Best wishes to all.

Have you tried creating a post in the “Audacity Help Forum” ?

Thank you for engaging with me and suggesting options, Mr. Jademan.

No. Couldn’t. Observed the participation frequency. Among the lowest. Doze, the highest. Multi-forum visibility should be a viable option. So I have placed a request in my earlier post to the Administrator and the Moderators.

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