Is it possible to move the pattern of speech to a higher frequency?

I know about the silent subliminal script available on this forum but I don’t know how or why it would work.

But I don’t think that is what I’m asking for this in this thread(maybe I’m wrong), so every word or phrase will have their own pattern of compression and rarefaction, is it possible to take this pattern from their original area which they occupy like 3000Hz to 6000Hz and place this pattern between 16000Hz to 20000Hz. Will it comprehensible?

For a start, it’s not even going to be audible “between 16000Hz to 20000Hz”,

If you can’t hear it there’s no chance of comprehending it.

Why? What are your reasons for saying if you can’t hear it there is no chance of comprehending it. Because the pattern of compression and rarefaction of the file will move the tympanic membrane, which in turn will vibrate the cochlear, this vibration is bound to send some signals to the auditory cortex, I suspect one of the processing stages of hearing will understand the word, even though conscious mind wouldn’t hear it, it might be something like you thought the word yourself instead of hearing it.

IF the pattern of compression and rarefaction moves the tympanic membrane sufficiently to vibrates the cochlear, then this vibration is will send some signals to the auditory cortex, and you will hear it. On the other hand, if the sound waves are too weak, or too high, or too low, then you won’t.
As a person gets older, the tympanic membrane, the bones in the middle ear, and the stereocilia all become less efficient, particularly in their ability to respond to very high frequencies.

If you are young with good hearing, then you may be able to hear frequencies above 15 kHz. Such frequencies sound like high pitch whistling.

It is not necessary that everything sent to the auditory cortex will be heard, how do you explain people losing their ability to hear higher frequencies as they get older, maybe the hair cells responsible for high frequencies die or become ineffective, the vibration of the cochlear produces concomitant faint signals at the other audible frequencies, these may trigger phantom firing in the neurons, which either subconscious mind or one of the processing stages of hearing understands.

What is the logic behind silent subliminal script, how does the transformation of the script retain the main characteristics of the words or speech?

I have tinnitus and it constantly sounds like high pitched whistling.

If you’re referring to the silent subliminal script that I wrote, it modulates an audio signal with a high frequency carrier (see: Amplitude modulation - Wikipedia).

Some people believe in silent subliminals, some people believe in Santa Clause. Just because I don’t personally believe in Santa Clause doesn’t mean that I can’t send someone a Christmas card with a picture of Santa, and just because I don’t personally believe in silent subliminals doesn’t mean that I can’t write a script to modulate an audio frequency with a high frequency carrier wave.

In the patent in which silent subliminals are described they give reasons why they think it would work, but don’t actually give details about what the silent subliminal retains of the original to make it effective. For SSB the patent requires a 455KHz continuous wave which is injected into balanced modulator, which results in double side band output but this is sent through a filter to remove one of the side bands and then resulting signal is sent through mixer with a continuous wave of 469.5KHz. Which part of script posted in Silent Subliminal thread does this?

I used that script and the results were high pitched squeaks, significantly smaller in length that original one, which I think doesn’t have the pattern of compression and rarefaction of the words I spoke, so I have doubts about how it would work. Does it use some creative technique to make the cochlear send similar signals up the auditory nerve as the original pattern of compression and rarefaction does.

The patent also describes tone modulated in addition to frequency modulation, what can I add to the script to make it generate tone modulated silent subliminal.

Just because a patent has been granted is not proof that it actually works.
e.g. a patent was granted for a nuclear-powered flying-saucer …

OOH - I want one of those for Christmas :sunglasses:


It was patented by British Rail, so it will arrive late …

I know that well - I used to commute from the South Coast to London for over a quarter of a century :unamused:

But silent subliminal patent is cited by Microsoft, Sony and IBM among others, they have money to fight a legal battle to not pay anything. That gives it some credence.

I know this one, and it has nothing to do with “silent subliminals”. The relevance is that Microsoft have a patent that involves modulating audio, but they are not expecting the subconscious mind to decode it - in fact, if the subconscious mind could decode it, then that would totally undermine the purpose of their patent: US20060045287A1 - Microphone with ultrasound/audible mixing chamber to secure audio path - Google Patents

It’s the only patent/patent-application by Mr Lowery … Google Patents,
(who was ~63 years old when he applied for the patent in 1989).

His trademark died in 1990 …

His patent lapsed in 2009 … US5159703A - Silent subliminal presentation system - Google Patents

It looks like a crackpot-inventor with a product which either did not reach the market,
or was marketed but did not work.

If you could implant information into people’s minds without them realizing it would be worth a fortune.

He’s buried in Arlington, (at the expense of the US government).

Can transmit audible sound via a beam of inaudible ultrasound …
but it’s not bypassing normal hearing.

It doesn’t have anything to do with silent subliminal but it involves encryption and decryption of audio using electronic devices, not the subconscious mind. And there was no reason for Microsoft to pay anything for it, they could have legally fought it but chose to pay up, they are using the modulation of audio to ultrasound carrier, similar to Silent Sound patent, that is why Microsoft cited the patent.

I believe there are many processing stages involved in human hearing, I’m sure depending on how the cochlear is stimulated, one of the processing stages might be tricked into understanding a word or phrase without the conscious mind becoming aware of it.

The most famous “evidence” for this alleged phenomenon was faked …
https ://“fraud”

If such an effect existed, anyone exposed to TV/Radio/Muzak could be enslaved by covert messages within, (as opposed to being brainwashed by the repeated overt audible messages).

That is for visual subliminal, I’m not talking about subliminal messages. What James Vicary showed was displaying messages for short duration, but there are many other ways to make visual subliminal messages, one is only limited by creativity. But I don’t hear any overr audible messages being repeated, but I know my mind is being condition and the only explanation I can come up with is something similar to silent subliminal.

thought insertion is similar to the hypothetical silent subliminal.

It is not similar and if it happens these stupid concept of thought insertion is being used to gas light legitimate victims.