is it possible to make sound level inentical in all tracks?

first of all sorry if there was a thread like this. i searched but found nothing so here it is. the thing is i have 100+ tracks that have different sound level, there are normal sounding ones and the ones that require to raise the sound volume quite a bit. since adding more dBs will result in various distortions i decided to lower the sound level of other tracks instead, however even then they dont sound the same because they come from different sources. is it possible to select multiple tracks and make all of them sound at the same dB level? like loud and medium loud ones would sound the same? i tried using amplify, normalise after reading similar threads but those two just lowered the volume of all tracks so the low sounding ones became almost silent whereas i would like all of them to sound the same

If this is for mp3 files for your portable media player, then have a look to see if it supports “ReplayGain” or “Sound Touch”. If it does, use that.

yeah, those are mp3 files but its not for any media device, pc only. so i guess ill have to do this manualy then?

MP3Gain is probably your best bet:

tx, that actually helped