Is it possible to get the audio from my video into Audacity?


I have Audacity 2.0.1 on Windows 7. I am a bit of an Audacity stupidun so bear with me. I think this is quite a simple question though -

I have recorded an electric guitar cover on a digital camera. How can I get the audio from this into Audacity so I can put the real song in aswell? I am using Windows Live Movie Maker if that means anything.

Thank you.

Use your existing video editor to Export the sound track. Audacity will recognize many different sound formats if you install the FFMpeg software.

Edit in 48000, 16-bit, stereo. That’s the video standard. When you’re done, Export as Microsoft WAV and that file should drop right back into your editor.


You may be able to simply open the audio/video file in Audacity to get the audio. You’ll probably need to install the FFMPEG Import/Export library, which you can get from the [u]download page[/u].

However, if you want to get the new-edited & saved (exported) audio back into the audio/video file, you’ll need to use a video editor. Audacity will only read-in the audio, and if you export the file from Audacity, you’ll get an audio-only file.