Is it possible to edit a wav & save without re-rendering?

Hi All,

As a new Audacity user, I’m really impressed with its power and stability! I am a Sound Forge user from way back, and its taking me a little while to get my head around the UI changes, but I’ll get there!

My question is this: In sound forge, I could load up a .wav file, make trim edits (chopping off a minute or two at the beginning/end of a live recording) and then hit ‘save’ - it seems sound forge had a ‘direct mode’ or something where it did not have to re-render the entire .wav file to disk again, just committed the edits directly to the file.

In Audacity, the only way to save is via ‘export’ which necessitates re-rendering the entire waveform to disk, which sometimes takes ages (i’m working with multiple-gigabyte wave files). Is there an alternative method to save wav files, or is the multi-channel “project” workflow the only way to interact with waveforms?

I hope this all makes sense, cheers and TIA!


Audacity uses a different format internally than it uses for the export. So it always has to render.


Thanks Koz.