Is it possible to create custom Spectrum Schemes

Could I use a plugin, change a setting or somehow modify the program to have more than “Color (default)”, “Color (classic)”, “Grayscale” or “Inverse grayscale” in spectrum, not the wave? I checked the folder “Audacity.exe” was in, and the sub folders, checked files with “Spec” written on it, but can’t find the file that contains the names of themes, as I opened “spectral-analysis.lsp” and “specplot.lsp” in folder “nyquist”, and 4 different “.ny” files in folder “plug-ins” and searched the name of a scheme but was not found. I Googled it, and found themes for the program skin, but not the spectrum. If not possible, could you add this feature in a future version? I was going to consider using “Red”, “Green” and “Blue” spectrums for triple-channel audio files containing pictures. Just thinking, and wondering.

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There was an option to create custom themes …
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[But I’ve not tried it on the latest version of Audacity].