Is it possible to create a music keyboard?

i dont have a keyboard or a microphone and i was wondering if u know if its possible to download one and play it? i’m use to using fruity loops and didnt need a keyboard for making techno music. well i dont have fruity loops anymore so i my friend told me about audacity. so what can i do if i dont got instrements? i wanna make techno and hip hop beats.

Audacity is a relatively simple sound editor, not even as grand as a Digital Audio Workstation, although the latest version may get close. I use it for spoken word recordings.

Since you’re on a PC, you may be on the wrong platform. GarageBand is included in the Mac and I think it will do all those things built in plus free loops from all over.

If you’re stuck with your PC, Google is your friend. You can use Audacity to collect, trim, and edit your work into a three-minute cut for burning to a CD in Windows Media. Audacity doesn’t burn, either.


You’re going to have a very hard time making music like that using Audacity without any special hardware.

Kristal is free and is supposed to do that sort of thing, but I haven’t used it in 4 years. My memory may be faulty.