Is it possible to convert an accompaniment in bB to bE?


Just wondering… would it be possible to convert an accompaniment in one tone (say bB) to another tone (say bE) with Audacity or any other tools?

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You can do it here. Effect > Change Pitch. But much beyond about two piano notes, it’s probably not going to sound natural. Same with transposing voices. Vocal pitch changes with the human, but mouth noises, pops, ticks, air and other expressions don’t. You wouldn’t be able to tell two people whispering to you, but the instant they started to speak, the jig is up.

Effect > Change Pitch changes everything.

When you asked that question, I started to count notes.


I tried Effect > Change Pitch a few times for different scenarios. It works pretty well. After change the whole track from Eb to C, it sounds good. Maybe my ears are not sensitive enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your information.