Is it okay to use Audacity in a corporate environment?

I use audacity in my personal life. My company has need of this application for a few users. Is this acceptable, or is it a breach of terms of usage?


There are no restrictions on how you use it. (Of course you’re not supposed to do anything illegal with it.)

You own the copyright to any creative content you create with it (as long as you’re not violating someone else’s copyright).

A lot of people record audiobooks with Audacity. But if you’re not the author or copyright holder, of course you need their permission before you can publish-distribute it.

Some companies have restrictions about what you can install on their computers/servers.

…It’s open source so there are restrictions if you modify the Audacity source code and then redistribute the altered copy. (Standard open-source licensing stuff.)

The Audacity name and logo are trademarked.

I would not use Audcaity3 on mi$$ion-critical applications.

Audacity’s crash recovery is very resilient compared to what you find in most other software and not very prone to crashing in general. I would recommend it for mission-critical applications, though with the understanding that Audacity comes without any warranty. Especially with the upcoming cloud saving in 3.5, the odds of losing your work becomes very slim.

There is software out there which guarantees it won’t crash on you with some SLA, but those SLA contracts tend to cost quite a lot while Audacity is free.

~ 40 people per day would disagree …

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