Is it a click ? A pop ? How to remove it ?

Hi guys,

I’ve captured VHS and I have these redundant “clicks” which sound annoying…

I don’t know to “name” them (pop ? click ? clip ?.. cf. attachment) so I can’t find any technique to remove them…

Thanks if you can help me out :wink:
2017-10-15 00_22_58-Extrait de l'émission Samdynamite [Enregistrement VHS].png

I’ve captured VHS

Are the clicks there when you view the tape without the computer? It’s not unheard of for the computer to be creating these noises during the transfer.


Hello !

Unfortunately, I don’t have the VHS with me anymore… I don’t have these artifacts on all other VHS. So maybe it comes from the VHS itself, or the reading device, or yes, during the transfert…

Is there a way to remove it now ? Or a way to repeat any kind of “cleaning effect” every X milliseconds ?

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The spectrogram does not tell us enough about the audio. Please post a short audio sample in WAV format (see here for how:

Of course ! Here it is :

Thanks :slight_smile:

The only way that works for me is to manually go through with the “Repair” effect, selecting one click at a time, though that is not practical if the recording is more than a few seconds duration. The big problem is that the glitches are relatively minor and not distinctive enough for automatic repair algorithms to recognise.

Ok thanks ! The Repair effect remove the glitch, indeed. But since it’s on all the record… (almost 1 hour…)

Is there a plugin or a tool which can repeat operations ? Like a “macro recording” ?

Audacity has limited ability to automate tasks, but not enough for this job. Information about automation and batch processing is here:

You mean that it can handle the job ? or not ?
Since I’m not a native english speaker, maybe I’ve misunderstand something.

No it can’t.

Ok, thank you anyway :wink: