Is free audio conversion software available ?

does anybody on this forum know of any good audio conversion free downloads that are available. I want to convert some audio file such as m4a s to WAV or any other audio formats that work with Audacity.
Its annoying that there are free offers on the net that come with hidden gimmicks and I want to avoid these sites. .

If you add FFmpeg to your computer then Audacity will import M4A without you needing to convert the file to WAV. See

Or try SuperPlayer or VLC


Foobar2000 is an excellent, light-weight audio player that supports most audio formats. It also allows you to convert from one file type to another, and it is free (but not open source):

Lately, I’ve been using [u]TAudioConverter[/u] if I just want to convert files.

But as Gale says, you shouldn’t need to convert the files if you want to edit with Audacity… Just install ffmpeg.