Is Audacity suitable for me?

Hello everybody out there! I’ve been searching for a software which could do one thing: to separate voice from a mixed audio record or audio input. For example, a person is talking to the microphone, his/her voice has been recorded, but another guy is playing a musical instrument near the microphone simultaneously, so the sound of the music has also been recorded. You could hear two different sounds when replay the record. I need a software to separate those sounds in order to catch each sound clearly. Is Audacity suitable for me? Thank you.

I doubt that you will have success trying to “un-mix” a recording with Audacity.
You ‘may’ have some degree of success with Melodyne (commercial product and quite expensive:
I know of no free or inexpensive software that can do what you’re asking.

Do you know any software that could filter the radio static from a recording audio file? I just recorded a medium wave radio program with my computer but there is annoying static in it. I want to filter the static. Short wave radio too. Thanks.

Maybe not Audacity. Audacity Noise Removal only works on steady, repeatable noises like air conditioning or computer fan noise — hum or buzz. It falls apart pretty fast if the noise is erratic or close to white noise (rain in the trees).


Medium wave radio static is steady and repeatable, but short wave static isn’t. Anyway I’d better try Audacity, pray.