Is adjusting recording level on the fly possible?

Hey guys, I am trying to record an audio clip from my Smart TV into mp3 format. I have looked at not one but a few video tutorials on youtube regarding setting audio recording levels but none of them are showing how to adjust the recording volume level on the fly. All I am seeing is how to adjust the “saved” recording volume level.

Right now by default, the recording level meter is showing past the 0 in red and the saved mp3 is playing too loud so I would like to manually drop the incoming signal to around or a little blow 0 so no distortion while it’s recording, is this possible and if yes, how please?

Also, as first option, is there a way to record to mp3 with an auto recording volume level so I will end up with the mp3 recorded at normal volume so no need to have to do any adjusting at all?

How is the computer connected to the TV?

Do you have a desktop or tower computer with a regular soundcard and a line-input or a laptop with only microphone-in and headphone-out?

With digital inputs (USB) you usually can’t control the recording volume.

In general, you need to reduce the ANALOG level BEFORE it’s digitized… If the analog-to-digital converter is [u][/u], you can reduce the volume but you can’t fix the distortion.

I am using a 3.5mm cable from the TV’s Headphone OUT into the Line-In on this USB Audio Adapter:|tkp%3ABFBMopqSpp5h

If I cannot adjust the volume manually while recording then I can the try what’s showing in one of the videos to drop the volume down of the recorded clip.

I am using a 3.5mm cable from the TV’s Headphone OUT into the Line-In on this USB Audio Adapter:

USB 2.0 External 7.1 Channel 3D Virtual Audio Sound Card Mic Adapter Laptop PC | eBay > … BMopqSpp5h

That’s a microphone input and a line-level signal is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal. :frowning:

You need an audio interface with line inputs. The [u]Behringer UCA202[/u] is popular and relatively inexpensive. But it doesn’t have a recording level control and since “line level” isn’t strictly defined you can still sometimes get clipping. But if your TV has a headphone output, that’s compatible with line-inputs and it will have a volume control.

Or, there are lots of higher-end [u]USB Audio Interfaces[/u] with switchable mic/line inputs and recording level controls.

…If you buy an audio interface make sure to get a compatible adapter cable. They usually have RCA connectors or TS/TRS/XLR connectors.

Thanks Doug, the problem with myself having to buy any specialized cable or sound card for this purpose is it’s only for a one time use so I am trying to get it done with what I already have. I will look into a volume control for the TV’s headphone Output, will let you know.

I only now got the chance to download the clips, all it took to adjust the input recording level was to adjust the tv’s regular volume to where I want it. Appreciate the help!