Is a Warning equivalent to a Fail?

Thanks for your detailed response. Now I have to read it.


I actually have TWO pop filters in front of the mic. If one is good, two must be better…yes

Pop filters are a trade-off between allowing your breath blast through creating pops and bumps, and muffling the delicate fine details of your voice. You picked muffling your voice. If you suffer from poppage, you can also try pushing the microphone a bit off center in an arc. The furthest you can go is position B. It’s pretty safe two filters isn’t doing any good.

You shouldn’t get closer until we figure out what’s causing your volume boost.

A Yeti will run with no additional software or drivers. It can be plug and go. Did yours come with software and did you install it?

If you did install the drivers, it’s possible to have three places to set your volume. Windows Sound Control Panels, Audacity recording volume, and the driver control panel. OK, four counting the actual Yeti, and five counting interference from Skype and Zoom.

I know you’re shocked one of our recommendations in times of strife is stop recording on the computer.

Do you know how to get into the Windows sound control panel? Little speaker in the lower right > Control Panels > Recording. You’re looking for a microphone boost setting. If you find one, turn it off or all the way down. Close everything and see if your volume is still crazy high.

By the way, that’s a Hawaiian Shaka.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 11.26.18 AM.png

“Shaaaaka, Dude.” Yep, I knew. Didn’t know if you did.

Went into the Windows sound recording panel and there was nothing boosting the Yeti. And no, I didn’t install any drivers for the Yeti.

I’m starting to think that I was just talking too darn loud. Big lungs and I tend to “project” during public speaking events. I think I’ll review what you and others have suggested for settings…and what to use and what not, and then try a new (short) chapter. Then see how it does.

Thanks a ton, Koz and Doug and others.

All best,

It’s worth one more test. The knob on the back is the microphone volume control, right? You said you had it almost all the way down.

Just as a test. Crank it all the way up. What happens to your voice recording?



Here’s the latest raw clip with some of the fixes we talked about. It seems to pass the ACX check, and shows no clipping.

We get there, yet?