Is 2.4.2 a no-no on OS Ventura?

Hello. I have several hundred projects (of the old .aup + _data variety) that I revisit regularly for work. Since 2.4.2 is near perfect for my needs and ultra quick and reliable, I’ve so far stubbornly resisted updating to 3.x.x. (Tried 3.2.1 on another machine, but found it more cumbersome and decided to wait a while before migrating all the projects)

I’ve been expecting an OS update to force the issue at some juncture, and with Ventura waiting to be installed, I wonder if it is now juncture-o’clock.

2.4.2 has been rock solid on OS 11 & 12, but I noticed a thread reporting issues running pre-3.2.1 versions on Ventura.

Has anyone else found versions earlier than 3.2.1 to be unstable on Ventura? Trying to discover if 2.4.2 is a definite no-no, and if my choice is essentially: update both Audacity and OS, or neither.

It’s been a while since I’ve run Audacity 2.4.2 so I gave it a spin on an x86 iMac with Ventura installed. I recorded 1 minute from the internal mic with no problem. I didn’t try any editing at all. I opened a 2-hour project and played it back with no problem.

“You’re mileage may vary”, as they say.

– Bill

Ah, that’s potentially encouraging news! Thanks so much for trying it out Bill. Most kind.