Ipod to stereo connection


I connect my ipod shuffle to my stereo with a headphone jack connection to double
RCA connectors - one cable adaptor, y’know…

but it only plays through one speaker.

it is like this from a computer output (headphone) to the stereo as well with the same cable.

does anyone know why?

Do I need some kind of signal splitter?

Or is it some mono only thing?


Could be a poor connection on the iPod jack socket - or a damaged lead.

One of my iPods requires me to jiggle around the jack for the earbuds to get sound in both ears.

I have had my iPods connected successfully (with stereo and both channels working) to both my hi-fi setups in the manner you suggest - so it should work.



The output of a healthy iPod is stereo. Plug you ear buds into the iPod and see if maybe you need to jiggle it a bit to get it to work.

It sounds a great deal like you have a busted cable.


Thank you both.

Maybe it is the cable.