iPod restarts when playing first secs of file - 2.0.2.

I am recording stream audio on my PC using audacity.
Each stream is about 60 min long, sometimes between 30-45 min long.
After exporting the saved files as .AIFF I use dropbox to sync the files to my PowerMac G5, so I can in turn sync my iPod and download the new files.
When playing the files almost all of them (not all) cause my iPod to restart after a few seconds of playback.
What could be causing this to happen?

I used the “amplify” effect to add volume to some, and this required me to allow clipping, that’s the only thing that I can think of could be causing the trouble.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Does this have anything to do with Audacity on Windows?
It sounds like it’s a problem with your iPod and/or the program on your PowerMac G5 that you use for syncing.

Why do you want to make your recordings distorted?
The default Amplify settings are “as high as possible without distorting”.

Are you filling up your iPod? They do have a fixed amount of memory. I don’t know that I would use AIFF for transition to an iPod. Use one of the compression formats like iTunes Plus (256 KBPS Stereo). That’s double the quality that Audacity uses for its good quality MP3 export.

iTunes > Preferences > General > Import Settings (under CD).


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