iPhone remote control app?

I use Audacity 2.0.6 on Windows 8.1. I do a lot of audiobook narration and have a problem with my keyboard making noise when I click “R” to record. Another narrator I know uses Twisted Wave and he has an app where he can start and stop the recording on his computer via the iPhone. Does anything like that exist for Audacity? No matter how quietly I try to press the “R” button, inevitably it makes noise some of the times. Obviously clicking with the mouse is worse. Thank you!

Twisted Wave is a Mac application and features tight integration between all the members of the Apple family. That’s how they can get away with that.

I think it’s worth investing in a silent mouse, or run the existing mouse under a duvet/quilt.

You can also get a touchpad for your Windows machine, wireless or USB.


This one is supposed to work with Win8.




It is not directly relevant but 2.0.6 is old now. The current 2.1.3 is available from us at http://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows.

Are you sure you are recording from the external microphone in Audacity’s Device Toolbar and not the internal mic? The internal mic is going to be very sensitive to taps on the computer casing.