iOS help


I’m building a recording app on iOS, and I’m looking for any consultants who might be available to help. Currently we are trying to get a perfect sync between the metronome which is playing at time intervals, while simultaneously recording a new track. If you know anyone, please reply with how to contact them.


Audacity doesn’t support iOS so why post here?


Because a developer who is working with Audacity has music knowledge, and if someone also has iOS dev skills they would be very helpful.

I thought it might be a good place to see if some people in the Audacity community are also iOS developers.

If you are both jamr and ron1972 your post might have been taken better if it had been done under the jamr account which has existing posts showing that you are using Audacity.

Audacity does not support iOS. This makes it very unlikely Audacity developers are skilled in iOS (they aren’t, to my knowledge). I suspect not all have knowledge of QT (wxWidgets does not have any usable support yet for iOS). Plus, no official Audacity developers ever read the Forum. All we have on the Forum are one or two hobbyist developers who have some knowledge of C++ and Nyquist on Windows and Linux.

“Hobbyist” is not derogatory, just pointing out that they are not developers on Audacity Team and not full-time programmers.

No Audacity developers will undertake work or advice for nothing. They will charge commercial rates. Typically Audacity developers will only work on applications that are open source, out of principle.

So no sensible answer to this round robin post can be given here. If a developer of an open source audio application or a developer requiring to integrate Audacity code into their application wants paid help with C++ programming, it’s best to write to our feedback address where Audacity developers can read it.