invoking Audacity from VB Script with Parameters


Is there any way to invoke Audactiy via a VB Script? if so - can I utilize parameters to provide information to Audacity? What I would like to do is to automate the file naming and MP3 conversion after a recording. In other words - when we are done recording, the operator simply exits AUdacity and the conversion takes place. If this is not possible - other suggestions are appreciated. I need to eliminate some of the manual steps in the mp3 conversion - too many mistakes are happening.

Thanks in adavance,

There’s not much that you can do in terms of passing parameters to Audacity - it is documented somewhere, but I can’t remember where at the moment, but I remember it is very limited.

If you are just doing mp3 conversion, why not just use LAME directly and leave out Audacity altogether.

Thanks for the reply! I will check into using LAME to do the MP3 conversion outside of Audacity…