Invisible sampling rate problem

So I have the Project Sample Rate and Default Sample Rate set to 48kHz, and I have my microphone set to 48kHz in Windows settings, and yet half the time that I record something it messes up the sample rate and makes it pitched and sped up, so I have to set those tracks to 44.1kHz manually to fix the problem. But it only happens on some tracks, and will randomly happen even in back to back recordings, one will be correct and the other will be messed up. I’m using version 3.4.2, but it happened some on previous versions too.

Try unchecking the 2 “Exclusive Mode” tickboxes.

Okay, I did that and it still happens. I recorded a few test tracks and the first couple were messed up, then a couple weren’t, and then the last one was also messed up.

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