Inverter Plug-In for Mac OS X El Capitan

I’ve gotten “Invert” but can’t find “Inverter”? Is that because it isn’t available on the Mac? If it is could I trouble some guidance on how to find and add it? Thx

What is “Inverter”?

Are you using Audacity in a language other than English? If so and you want the effect that turns the audio back to front, so that the start is what was at the end, change language to English in Interface Preferences.

Then look for the “Reverse” effect.


apparently “inverter” is another plug in for Audacity that helps cancel/muffle vocals on an MP3 (much like “invert” but only better) so you can create your own “backing” tracks

Who says that and why is it better? If you mean Steve Harris' LADSPA Plugin Docs it is in the LADSPA plugins you can find halfway down Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS. It would be pointless to obtain Inverter because it does the same as the built-in Audacity “Invert” effect.