[Introduction]Hi! Use Audacity, but new to this forum

Hello, my illustrious compatriots and accomplished editors.
I use the default Knoppix flavour of Audacity. Began using Audacity from 7.0.1. 2012, I guess. There were many more filters installed then. Presently, in 8.2.0, filters are far lesser. Have version 2.1.2 installed.
I have been using Audacity for the last 7 years, but I am new to this forum. My needs being limited, I didn’t need any help.
Also, because of your advanced skills, I wasn’t needed here.
I have a query: is the Team Audacity creators thinking about using AI tools for advanced editing, such as removing echos and voices without altering sound profile of a music? Training a Neural Network to learn to remove echo?
Echo is impossible to remove otherwise from a sound sample, my understanding about sound indicates, as it intertwines itself into the sound profile.

Also, in the earlier versions of Audacity I used to prefer the plug-in “Simple Amplifier” “Amplify…” plug-in, but it appears not to be there anymore. How do I install unique plug-in? Do I have to make do with Effects/Add-Remove Plug-ins, or there are other options too?

The current version of Audacity (2.3.3) ships with more effects than any previous version.

No, there is no work underway in this direction, and none planned. However, if someone developed an open source plug-in of this type, that is compatible with Audacity, then it could be considered for inclusion in an Audacity release.

Audacity still has an “Amplify” effect. The full list of shipped effects and plug-ins is here: Index of Effects, Generators, Analyzers and Tools - Audacity Manual

Thank you, Dr. Steve, for replying to my queries.

I should clarify that I only used the flavour accompanying the native Knoppix OS DVD Image. I didn’t intend to mean that the later version of Audacity has lesser filters than those accompanying the earlier versions.
I apologise for the confusion I initiated.

Also, regarding Amplifier, there were two filters. One was Amplify …, while the other being Simple Amplifier. The latter suited my needs better.

And once again, thank you for the link on filters.

Audacity does not have an effect called “Simple Amplifier”. That may be a plug-in, but it’s not part of any Audacity release.

If you want free AI to remove voices see spleeter, (it’s far from perfect though).

Thank you, Dr. Steve, for replying to my post. I know that you are the master of the Audacity universe. But in Knoppix 7.2.0, Audacity had either of the two Effect/plug-in tools; Simple Amplifier that was different from Amplify … by being simple. Only a slider to uniquely set the amplification (+ive amplification in the Right side, -ive amplication, i.e., volume reduction, along the left, and the middle position for no amplication). Not multiple ones like Amplify ….

So where could I find additional plug-ins?

Thank you, Dr. Trebor. Your advice is really appreciated.

I suspect that you are referring to this LV2 plug-in: Programming LV2 Plugins
That plug-in is part of the “lv2-examples” package, and will probably be available in most Linux repositories.

Yes, Dr. Steve, thank you, I am installed lv2-examples package, and now there are many more filters, including two distinct **Simple Amplifier…**s. Thank you once more. You have really addressed my needs. I shall remember this lv2-examples package the next time when I update Knoppix.

Any further advice please? Shall be highly appreciated.

Hello, Everyone i’m new here.