Introducing periods of silence

I am editing a file of a guided visualization/meditation. How can I change a pause from 5 seconds to 90 or 180 seconds?

Place your cursor in the middle of the pause and Generate > Silence: pick a duration the amount you want it to increase. > Enter.

For example, to get to 90 seconds, generate a new silence clip of 85 seconds.


I’m reading between the lines. If the original five seconds was really a pause when someone stopped talking, then the Room Tone or natural room noises will still be there. Adding silence will give you a dead spot in the show. No traffic noises, no audience rustling, no dogs barking and no air conditioner.

To get a realistic, natural pause stretch is much more difficult. You have to make a Room Tone Show and cut it into the places you want the extension.

Also, my spidey sense tells me you were looking for a way to do all this completely automatically.


Thank you. I’ll give it a go. I appreciate your help.

Do post back and tell us what your theatrical goals were and how you satisfied them.
Remember, it’s a forum to exchange ideas.