Intro/Exit time for Voice Activated Recording?

I use the voice-activated feature of Audacity, but find that the recording runs “too much together” and can be too choppy because even tiny pauses cause the recording to stop. Is there some way to alter the lead-in/exit recording time for crossing the volume threshold? For example, is there any way to select a 1-second lead-in to the triggering event plus a 1-second continuation of recording after silence is detected? Or even to insert silence to separate events? I know the 1-second lead-in sounds like fortune-telling, but figure since Audacity has to “listen” to detect an event, keeping a FIFO buffer of all sound for the lead-in period and prepending it should work.

If there’s no way to set the lead/exit record interval, how do I make this a feature request?

By the way, Audacity is AWESOME!

Thank you to the devs for all your hard and very elegant work!

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