Interviews - silencing tracks when one person is talking

Newbie altert!]

Hi Guys - searched for ages and havent found this one.

New to podcasting. Recorded a ~30min interview using two lavilier microphones.

When one person is talking I am going through the tracks silencing the other microphone to remove breathing noise, crackles, and the weaker signal of the other person talking.

This is taking a loooooong time :smiley:

This may be life but just in case I am missing some real simple and invaluable tip I thought I ought to ask the experts :slight_smile:



I put the guest on the Left and me on the Right. That makes “by hand” editing a bit easier.

If it’s not too bad, you can use Effect > Noise Gate in your voice to suppress the trash. You’re not reading for audiobooks, so nobody is expecting studio quality. You may get away with it.

Split tracks also allows you to use Effect > Auto Duck to make the guest track control the host volume.

Do you have the lavs placed correctly? They should be just inside the chin shadow and have the strain relief loop with the surgical tape. I had a picture of that…


Here they are. Surgical tape sticks well and then comes off. Click the pictures.