Interviewing plug-in

Hello there.
I’m using Audacity 2.3.0 with Windows 10 Home

I’m editing an interview right now where one voice is quite powerful and the second is quite weak. Someone has told me that there’s a plug-in or a feature that automatically adjusts sounds to diminish the powerful voice and augment the weak voice so that they are more of a level.
“Automatic” being the important word because it’s quite lengthy and doing it section by section will take for ever.
Unfortunately the person who mentioned it couldn’t remember what it was (well, he thought that it was called “Broadcast” but it’s not the “Broadcast” that I can find. I can only find Broadcast II and Broadcast III in the Nyquist stuff.

Does anyone have an idea of what this plug-in might be?

Thanks in advance

Level Speech.


one voice is quite powerful and the second is quite weak.

You should pay attention to that effect. That’s what happens when you try to record a chat interview wrong. It’s no great shakes recording your own voice as that’s a service of your computer, but recording the far side has to battle its way past the chat software. The chat software’s reason for being is to prevent you from doing that because it causes damage and distortion to the far voice.

The upshot is a show consisting of your sharp, clear voice and the garbled, echo-suppression error version of the interview. There are ways to get around this depending on your software. Skype, for one example, will happily record your interview for you, but both parties have to be on Skype. There is no split service.