Interview guest audio is too loud


I host a podcast and regularly do Skype calls with guests and record them with Pamela Recorder. The last few I have done…my guests volume is too loud once I play back the recording. It’s peaking out and is disstorted like the volume is turned up too loud.

  1. Does anyone know how I can adjust this so that isn’t recording them so loud/hot?

  2. If I do record and it’s too loud/hot…is there a way to fix it while editing? I tried compressing it. It lowered the overall volume, but not the peaking distorted sound.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

is there a way to fix it while editing?

Probably not. Overload is one of the fatal sins.

Open the show in Audacity. View > Show Clipping. Does the screen light up red? That’s not good. There are no good tools that can bring you back from massive overload.

Do you have Pamela set up to give you two independent tracks; the guest is separate from the interviewer? That’s why I recommend Pamela. It can easily do that.

I forget, doesn’t Pamela have sound meters? There’s something wrong with this. Did you do something to Skype? Skype is vicious about maintaining the communications channels. That’s why it’s famous. I’ve never heard of Skype delivering damaged tracks.

Did it sound distorted during the interview?



The guest didn’t sound loud when I recorded. I didn’t pay close attention to the levels as far as getting into the red when I recorded (since it sounded good). I do record my voice and my guests voice in separate tracks so that I can edit. But, I couldn’t figure out how to edit this out.

low-pass equalization can make the distorted-audio less-harsh.
Something like the “am radio” equalization-curve preset in Audacity’s equalizer.