Interuption during recording

I am in process of recording an audio cassette. The procedure went quite well for the entire first program on the cassette so I began recording the second program on the flip side. When I got to the 6th track, audacity suddenly stopped picking up the sound, i.e., I began to get a flat line indicating that nothing was being recorded. The tape in the cassette was still running and I could hear the sound from my head phone. I still had one more track to tape. Do you have any idea why this interruption occurred? I did not change any of the setting before this happened. How can I prevent this sort of thing from happening again. I have several cassettes that I want to record…

I should have added that I am using Windows 7 and the .exe installer.

Is Audacity still pointed at your cassette machine? Is it a USB cassette machine and does the Audacity device toolbar show the right thing (USB Audio Codec or something like that). Does it still say that?

Device Toolbar

If anything happened to the connection, Windows may have switched away and is now connected to something else. Audacity will not return if the connection comes back.


I am using a USB connection from Audacity to my computer. What happens is that the screen for Audacity is present. However, it does not respond to any commands, no matter what I click on. I tend to think that this is a computer issue, but don’t know what could trigger it.

Shut Down the computer for a few seconds then reboot.

Change the USB cable and fit it tightly both ends if the problem persists.


Thank you. I started over again and the problem has not yet occurred – knock on wood.