Internal Tape-Recorder in Windows Xp

I am new to Audacity and have the following question: can I use the Windows XP internbal tape-recorder with Audacity ? Is it possible or do I have to pkug a mike in my PC for voice-recording ? If so, which type of mike would you recommend ? Many thanks in advance.

Windows XP internbal tape-recorder with Audacity

Do you mean Windows Sound Recorder?

I don’t understand what the goal is. Do you want to use Audacity to record your voice on a microphone plugged into your computer? Yes, that works, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Windows Sound Recorder.

I would start out recording the laptop internal microphone. After you get that to work, figure out if that’s enough quality for you. If you’re making quick voice notes, you may need nothing else.

If you’re trying to record your violin solo, then yes, you may need other equipment.