Internal Portaudio Error


after the last regular Windows monthly update Audacity no longer recognizes my audio devices. I tried all tricks found in the web, like driver checks (all are okay) and so on. I even uninstalled the updates, the bug remains. Other programs like Cubase, Soundforge, Wavelab find the devices without any problems. Yes, I know, those are rather powerful programs, but in many cases I just like audacity for its simplicity.

Does somebody perhaps know a trick I didn’t try so far (or better, a fix for the problem)?

Cheers, Linda

As you seem to have figured out, if there is a problem with only 1 device, Audacity can abort its search for devices. I have personal experience with Bluetooth headphones causing this problem so I would suggest you start there.

The idea would be to disable and/or uninstall each audio device one-by-one until you have identified the culprit.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thank you for your help. I uninstalled all audio devices and re-installed them one by one. Unfortunately, that didn’t help.
Probably I’ll have to wait until either a lot of other users report the same bug, or Version 3 comes out.