Internal mike problem? (driving me beyond insane!!)

Up until recently I’ve had no problems with Audacity. However somehow I’ve managed to change the settings either on my audacity program or laptop. Whats happening is that whenever I want to record samples from a CD or youtube etc using the stereo mix or microphone setting audacity records external sounds also (if I tap my fingers, talk etc) So it will pick up the sound of a CD for example along with any external sounds. I turned off the internal mike on my laptop expecting the problem to be solved but its still happening. Having software playthrough turned off makes no difference. I recently installed software for an AMON soundcard. Would this have caused it? What the hell is going on?

Possibly. Can you do a system restore, or uninstall that software and see if it solves the problem.

Hay Steve. I uninstalled AMON but its still happening?? I bet there is a simple solution to it. i just wish I knew what it was!

Trying to catch up with what you’ve tried already:

How did you do that?

This is a very old thread (over 2 years old). You should start a new thread describing your problem, audacity version and operating system, as well as equipment used and how you connect it to your computer.