Internal Mic Flatlines

Hi Audacity,

Thanks for the program, so far. Problem: I can get an external USB mic to record on my laptop but not the internal. Nothing but the thin blue line.

Now, why would I ever want to use the crappy on-board mic when I can use my $600 condenser tube mic? Answer: Curiosity. Also, it would be a lot more handy as I learn other aspects of the program.

I’ve tried all different setting combos for audio hosting and mic settings with same negative result. Even tried switching around in Control Panel and Preferences

Using Audacity 2.1.1
Downloaded with .exe installer (pretty sure)
Windows 7

Has it ever worked? Does it work in another application like Chat, Skype, games or Windows Sound Recorder?

You may not even need that. Doesn’t Win7 have little sound meters in the Sound Control Panels to tell you that everything is working?


Take a look in the “Recording” tab in the Windows Sound Control Panel. You should see bouncing green meters when the mic is working. If Windows does not hear the mic, then Audacity won’t either.

Hi Kozikowski,

Thanks. Yes, I forgot to mention, I’ve successfully used the internal laptop mic before with Entropy Piano Tune app. I will try Steve’s recommend.

Thanks Steve,

Yes, it appears as though my internal mic has stopped working altogether, perhaps miffed that I am now using external mics.

Oh, man . . . Just noticed my new laptop actually has a mic on/off switch right on the keyboard panel. The Count is embarrassed. But for some reason front panel switch does not register its status in the control panel.