Internal error at Sequence.cpp line 1167

When silencing an audio selection that crosses a split, I get “Internal error at Sequence.cpp line 1167.” If I change the selected audio to exclude the split, the silence audio function works.

Audacity 2.2.0, Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Version 1709, OS Build 16299.19


I just tested this on my 64-bit laptop running Windows 10 CE

I cannot reproduce this on either 2.2.0 or the latest 2.2.1 alpha build that I have.

Not on a single track - or on a similar set of tracks in your example :confused:


I copied a portion of that track to a new project, and the error is reproducible on that (much) smaller project. Here is a zip file of the project:

If you open the contained project and press Ctrl-L, it should produce the error. I hope. It does for me.

Yes in the project you sent me I do get the error with the track/splits/selection you sent there (btw I get orphan blockfiles when I open your project)

But if I:

  1. Keep the project open
  2. delete your track
  3. Add a new mono track
  4. generate 30 seconds of “silence”
  5. set clip lines at 10 1nd 20 seconds
  6. select from 5 to 25 seconds
  7. Press Ctrl+L
    => no error message.

I am not Audacity developer (just a QA tester and documenter) so I can’t delve any deeper.

@Steve: can you see anything wrong here - or should we just log this on Bugzilla?


Thanks. I’m not complaining, just passing it along in case there is a bug hidden in there. It’s probably more likely some sort of “operator error,” as we used to say.

I wasn’t taking it as "complainimg :sunglasses:

we actually like getting bug reports, especially ones that can be reproduced which we (at least I) can with your forwarded project,

Users should never really see those internal errors so it’ll be good to catch this one (curiously we’re working an another, different one, right now).

So thanks for the report :slight_smile:


Logged as P2 bug 1784

Silencing an audio selection that crosses a split causes an “Internal error …”


And now looks to be fixed in the latest alpha - I can only test on Mac right now (but confident of the fix) will test on Windows soon.


I see mention of “zero length clip.” I have recently encountered something that seems like a split line, but is just a fine line and not the thick line normally associated with a split. Is that a zero length split? It’s happened a couple of times, but I can’t recall if it happened with this particular project. In one project I couldn’t get that “thin split” to go away. Maybe another clue, maybe nothing.