Internal error at DBConnection.cpp line 410

Just upgraded to version 3.0.2 and get this message when saving a new project. I’m not clear what is missing.

Are you using the Flatpak version?
See the last six posts in this topic:

All good now thanks for the support. It was version 3.0.2 from source build. Not flatpack

How did you solve the problem?

I am receiving the same error at the same DBConnection.cpp line 410, and would be interested in seeing a solution to this.

I am using PCLinuxOS 2021.02 with kernel 5.12.12, and am currently using XFCE 4.16.0 with Gtk 3.24.24 (more info on request).
This, in my case, concerns Audacity 3.0.2 upgrading the previous version installed, both from PCLinuxOS repositories.

I can create new projects fine, and even export from those projects (to .mp3 and .ogg so far) while open, but cannot seem to save or close projects without seeing:

Internal error at DBConnection.cpp line 410.
Please inform the Audacity team at >> .

So here I am. When I do try to save, I see not only an .aup3 file, but also a .wal of the same name - that’s a “write ahead” file being used as a sort of scratchpad if memory serves me rightly.

In my readings here on the subject, I came across:
in which I see (from user osch):

I was able to reproduce the problem and was able to fix it by adding option “-Daudacity_use_sqlite=local”.

I’m wondering what this option does and where it needs to be applied, because it seems like it might be the fix I need.

If you are compiling audacity yourself, you will need to get help from Audacity-dev on discord #Linux: