Internal and External Recording at the Same Time

Hi I have Audacity 2.0.2 for Windows and I was wondering if it’s possible to have 2 different recordings (tracks, I guess?) going at the same time with one using a microphone to record the outside world and one using a mic that records the activity within the computer, similar to what Freecorder does. I have both necessary microphones, but it only lets me use one at a time without stopping the recording and switching. The reason I’m wondering is because I have to record a conversation with my friend on Skype and I think it would be easiest to use Audacity by recording what she says and what I say, and having them be lined up perfectly. If this is not possible, I can resort to using audacity to record her talking and then use the “Sound Recorder” that comes with Windows for my own voice. I don’t want to rely on recording her with my external microphone thing because it doesn’t sound as good when it comes through the computer and goes back into itself to be recorded, you know?


So the question boils down of how to record both sides of Skype. Pamela Professional and Pamela Business are designed to record local sound on one side of a stereo track and the remote voice on the other. The other two Pamela licenses are intentionally crippled to make you upgrade.

We stopped recommending Freecorder when they started playing games with the downloads.

There’s no shortage of different schemes to get around the Skype problem of taking over the sound channels. Our problem is most of them aren’t universal and tend to only work on some computers.

It will take me a bit to find it, but there was a new software package that can be steered to record multiple tracks. One of the people at work recommended it and it seems to run. Looking.


Here it is.