Intermittent Recording

Using Windows 10 and Audacity 3.0.4. Trying to record from a cassette tape capture usb but recording only happens intermittently. I am wondering if the tape capture usb device is not suitable.

Is it one of these (below).
We hear of lots of people having problems with those. They are manufactured very cheaply and are not reliable. If you still have the receipt you may be able to send it back for a refund.


Hi kenwestgate

Steve’s correct, I wouldn’t chance putting a cherished, rare or collectable cassette in one these.

These devices came about in the 1990’s as response the decline of musicassettes, cheaper computers and the advent of programs such as Audacity on the horizon,

The marketing angle was “digitize your memories and keep them for ever” and numerous programs promised this, with wonderous gizmo’s such “Tape-Hiss-be-Gone” or one click fixes.

If you are serious about digitizing cassettes, it’s worth considering seeking out separate (stand alone) cassette decks from several manufacturers with a long pedigrees, such as Technics, Pioneer, Akai.

Have a look in the local free-ads, freecycle websites, even word of mouth.

If you do acquire a deck don’t put any valuable cassettes in it before giving it a thorough shakedown.

I can post a shakedown list here if admin permit it.

Good luck

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Cheers mate, nice one. I just want to pass on a lifetimes knowledge.